Vintage Style Wedding Dresses

Nouveau Glamour

The Nouveau Glamour Collection, a stunning range of vintage inspired wedding dresses is the newest anthology of wedding gowns designed and created at my Couture Bridal Studio. Fine laces, smooth silks and glittering embellishments come together in exquisite fashion to compose the elegant dresses of Nouveau Glamour.

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My inspirations


It is clear that wedding trends and fashion trends are beginning to move forward with some sort of correlation. Brides are excited to have the opportunity to be creative, innovative and fashion forward when it comes to their wedding day. Tatiana has used this idea as well as her background in fashion design to create this iconic collection of vintage style wedding dresses that have incorporated many elements of the golden era of the roaring twenties. Vintage wedding fashion is incredibly on trend because it is so full of life. There is history and meaning and memory of a time that once was lying behind all things vintage. Nouveau Glamour embodies the age of old Hollywood glamour through sophisticated and classy vintage inspired wedding dresses, all filled with the quintessential design elements of the time. So much so that we have given them the names of some of the most renowned Hollywood stars to grace the big screen during that vintage era.

Beginning with the materials, such as the lace, tulle, satin, silk, pearls and jewelled embellishments, it’s all right out of a Fitzgerald novel. Each of the vintage style wedding dresses has its own unique silhouette and incorporates these material elements in different ways. The designs vary markedly with each boasting individual features, such as empire waists or drop waists, open backs, long trains, necklines and embellishing. With flattery in mind, each gown in the Nouveau Glamour Collection was designed to look elegant on any woman. There are vintage style wedding dresses for every bride and with these gowns, a bride is able to witness the talent at hand and the possibilities of what Tatiana could create for her.