High Quality Wedding Dress Alterations

Perfect Alterations

It is important to me that every bride gets
her flawless fit, which is why we provide perfect
wedding dress alterations!

I am happy to make wedding dress alterations to a gown that you’ve already purchased, as well as create and design further details for your dress to make it more special. If your existing dress is close to your dream gown but not quite there, I will create whatever is needed to bring it from your daydreams into sparkling reality. We offer many different types of wedding dress alterations, and these include but are not limited to the taking in or letting out of dresses, adding trains, creating detachable sleeves or adding boleros. All of these alterations are made using a wide selection of materials and laces to compliment your dress.

The Process

Alteration Process

We begin with a consultation and fitting which allows us to see what needs to be altered. We then provide you with an estimation of cost for the wedding dress alterations. London is home to our studio where my team and myself go on to complete the work, ensuring we give you the highest quality of construction and fit.

The Additions


Adding sleeves, more appliqué, and even trains are just some examples of the wedding dress alterations and customisation we do here in our studio. We love helping brides create their dream dress through these alterations. Often clients are unaware of what creative transformations are possible until they come and talk to us.

The Personalisation


If you want to make your wedding gown more personal, explore the world of wedding dress alterations. London brides are not the only ladies who come to us to let us help them with their design aspirations; we have clients from all over. Using appliqués, laces and trims, we aim to make your gown a true reflection of you.


Let us help you shine on your wedding day; your special someone won’t be able to take their eyes off of you!



Changing up your look from the ceremony to the reception is a fun way to mix up the day, however you don’t necessarily need a second gown or major wedding dress alterations to do that. Try changing your accessories. Our custom made belt might be just the thing you need to add a little sparkle or break up your look offering more detail, while our bespoke veils finish off an image and add some drama. Custom accessories can really complete your wedding day apparel and we have a wide selection of materials, laces and ideas to create something spectacular.

Removable Trains

Removable Trains

In our current collection, we have featured removable trains and this unique accessory is something we would love to offer to our other brides as well. This addition to your gown may be just what you need, without having to get into huge wedding dress alterations. A detachable train gives you just a little bit of drama without the worry of it getting in the way while you’re dancing through the night. Trains can be adorned with appliqué, lace and tulle giving you the ideal look to match your gown.